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id (ID!)

The ID of the object.

organization (Organization)

Organization to which this aircraft belongs

name (String)

The name of this aircraft

serialNumber (String)

The serial number for this aircraft

firmwareVersion (String)

The firmware version for this aircraft

lastPilot (User)

The last pilot to use this aircraft

lastDateFlown (DateTime)

The last time this aircraft was used

dateCreation (DateTime)

The time this piece of equipment was created in the database

lastFlightRecord (FlightRecord)

The most recent FlightRecord associated with this aircraft

status (EquipmentStatus)

The operational status of this piece of equipment

comments ([EquipmentComment])

List of comments associated with this aircraft

model (String)

The model of this aircraft

replaceBy (DateTime)

The date by which this equipment should by replaced.

exteriorSerialNumber (String)

A serial number visible on the outside of the aircraft

registrationNumber (String)

The FAA or other flight authority registration number

expiryDate (DateTime)

The date that this aircraft's registration expires

owner (User)

The person responsible for the equipment