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A record of an individual flight




id (ID!)

The ID of the object.

user (User!)

Pilot for this flight

plan (Plan!)

Plan for this flight

dateCreation (DateTime!)

Timestamp of when this flight was created

dateModified (DateTime!)

Timestamp of when this flight was last modified

appVersion (String!)

Version of the DroneDeploy app used for this flight

platform (String)

Operating system used for this flight

organization (Organization)

Organization associated with this flight

flightSettings (FlightSettings)

Settings which were used to make the flight

flightInfo (FlightInfo)

Details about this flight

flightLog (StoredAsset)

Flight log for this flight

aircraft (AircraftSnapshot)

Aircraft used for this flight

batteries ([BatterySnapshot])

Batteries used for this flight

flightController (FlightControllerSnapshot)

Flight controller details

remoteController (RemoteControllerSnapshot)

Remote controller details

gimbal (GimbalSnapshot)

Gimbal details

camera (CameraSnapshot)

Camera details

preflightChecklistResult (PreflightChecklistResult)

Details about the pilots response to the custom preflight checklist

projectId (String)

ProjectId for this flight

location (FlightLocation)

Location of this flight