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Parameter NameTypeDescription
projectionInt EPSG code for the output projection of the export
mergeBoolean (Default True) If False the export will be in 4096 tiled images. Only for use on exports that are too big to fit as a single file.
emails[Email] List of emails to send the link to once the export has finished processing.
contourIntervalFloat For contour exports, defines the interval in meters
urlString URL from which photos are taken to create a map.
isCustomProjectionBoolean Flag indicating whether the user has chosen custom projection.
maxPointsInt The number of points for exports that use them.
skipOverlayBoolean Flag indicating whether we omit overlays when exporting.
fileFormatExportFileFormat File format for the requested export.
layerExportLayer! Layer you are exporting.
resolutionFloat Output resolution in centimeters per pixel (cm/px).
webhookWebhookInput Object with URL of the given integration, called during export.