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Tables are a structured representation of data that can be stored




id (ID!)

The ID of the object.

application (Application)

The application that created this table definition

name (String!)

The name of the table

description (String!)

The description of the data that the table holds

columns ([TableColumn])

dateCreation (DateTime)

Date the object was created

tableDatum (TableData)

Fetch a single piece of data by external_id
Argument NameTypeDescription
externalKeyString!The external key of the datum you are fetching.

rows (TableDataConnection)

The rows contained within this table
Argument NameTypeDescription
queryStringAn optional query that allows you to select the fields that will be returned by the connection. The query field accepts a small subset of ANSI-92 SQL that allows you to use simple SELECT and WHERE clauses to query your data.
beforeString(Not Documented)
afterString(Not Documented)
firstInt(Not Documented)
lastInt(Not Documented)